Share Our Strength Toolkits & Handouts

From time to time, Share Our Strength produces additional handouts or toolkits that can be used by lead and satellite partners as well as the general public.


Anyone can use these toolkits for leading one-time events in your community, even if you are not a satellite partner.

After you download and use these resources, please fill out this brief survey to let us know about your presentation: Toolkit Reporting Survey
Chefs and Kids Toolkit is an easy-to-use guide that provides chefs and others with hands-on instruction to help kids develop a love of cooking and the skills to make healthy food choices wherever they go.
Exploring Food Together  and Exploring Food Together SPANISH  includes simple activities that adults who work with children can use, in the classroom or in the home, to help kids learn about new foods and start building the skills to make healthy food choices.
Cooking Matters in your Community provides opportunities for a wide range of community members to get involved in leading cooking demonstrations.  Ideally a culinary and/or nutrition professional could join the demo to lend their subject matter expertise, but demos can be led by anyone with an interest in cooking, healthy eating, and food budgeting.  It includes activities, recipes, and handouts for every audience – adults, kids, teens, families; outlines for 4 different messages (e.g., “eat a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables”)
Cooking Matters in your Pantry  Cooking Matters is excited to provide this guide to give food pantries the tools they need to secure healthy foods for their pantries and offer food-based nutrition education to their clients. Cooking Matters in your Food Pantry is a free guide to planning, organizing and leading food pantry demos in your community. The toolkit provides sample outlines of several nutrition education lessons and activities that can be used in the food pantry setting, easily customized to the amount of time you have available for your demonstration. It also contains a wide selection of handouts and recipes to use at your demo and to send home with clients.


A series of short handouts chock-full of fun activities and recipes for school-aged kids. Each issue has a different theme, focused on healthy eating and cooking. These are great activities for parents, teachers, caregivers and volunteers to use with the children in their lives!

Good Food on a Tight Budget

Happy Whole-idays

Make Your Plate a Rainbow


Breakfast Boost

Meeting Your MyPlate Goals on a Budget

Coming soon:  Facts Up Front CMATS Supplements

… A highly visible labeling program which summarizes important nutrition information from the Nutrition Facts Panel (found on the back and sides of packages) in a simple and easy-to-use format on the front of food and beverage packages. It is designed to help consumers make more informed choices when shopping.



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