Meals on A Budget Booklet + Templates

This resource booklet has taken on a life of it’s own – becoming a valuable resource for those we serve.  You are encouraged to download and reproduce this booklet or post on your website.  If you are interested in having the booklet branded with your logo as well, please contact the Director of Nutrition Education at, and we will make the changes and submit it to you for publication or posting.


The templates were born out of feedback from participants at classes and mobile markets.  We found that recipes can be restrictive, in that often participants do not know how to use what they have to make substitutions in a recipe.  By providing templates, the ingredients appear in categories as opposed to individual ingredients – “Protein” or “Liquid” as opposed to listing a specific protein or liquid that they may not have on hand.  Templates offer greater flexibility in preparing healthy meals on a budget.  We use these templates at demos and tastings, and in Cooking Matters classes.

STIR FRY Made Simple          SOUPS Made Simple          SMOOTHIES Made Simple          SIDE DISH Made Simple          SAUCES Made Simple     SALADS Made Simple          SALAD DRESSINGS Made Simple          MUFFINS Made Simple          FRITTATA Made Simple          FIZZY DRINK Made Simple          CASSEROLES Made Simple