Food Truck Curriculum

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In 2013, we acquired a food truck, which greatly expanded our ability to serve children in low income communities with hot meals year around.  At the same time, we recognized the need to also include some enrichment activities that included nutrition education and physical activity, and quickly saw the opportunity to connect our IFFS initiative to the NC Obesity Prevention Plan.  We have drafted, edited, drafted, edited, etc. until we have developed this MTM 3.0 (or maybe 4.0 – we’ve lost track!) version that we run over the summer months.  We have included everything here – from logic model to post survey for you to download and use.  With this curriculum, we have been able to work on 5 of the 6 core behaviors identified to address overweight and obesity:

Increasing Physical Activity

Increase Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables

Decrease Consumption of Sugar-sweetened Beverages

Reduce Consumption of Energy-dense Foods

Decrease Television Viewing and Screen Time

This curriculum can be used in conjunction with a mobile pantry, summer feeding program, food truck – really anywhere kids gather!   Feel free to download, print, and make any of the games or handouts.  If you wish for anything to be dual branded (having both IFFS logo and your logo) please let us know as we are happy to accommodate the request and promote both programs.  Have Fun!

Logic Model


Week Theme Subtopics Nutrition Education Physical Activity Handouts
1 Pre-Week Handout MTM Passport, Participant Pre-Survey, Parent Pre-Survey (English)Parent Pre-Survey (Spanish)
2 MyPlate Building a Healthy Plate Who Am I? MyPlate Showdown

(relay game)

1. Serving a Healthy Plate

2. Parent Newsletter: Goal Setting

3 Fruits & Veggies  Benefits of eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, identify characteristics of different fruits and veggies. 20 Questions Fruits and Vegetables Healthy Options Twister

(Instructions On How to Make Your Own Twister)

1. Have a Fruitful Summer

2. All About Vegetables

3. Parent Newsletter: Fruits & Veggies

4 Sugar  Reading a nutrition label, identifying sugar-sweetened beverages 1. Label Lingo

2. Healthy Drinks Taste Test

Activity Ball 1. Be a Sugar Detective
5 Whole Grains  Identifying foods with whole grains, benefits of eating breakfast 1. Breakfast Investigation

2. Putting Whole Grains to Test

Think Breakfast: True or False 1. Breakfast Boost

2. Parent Newsletter: Whole Grains and Breakfast

6 Go Slow Whoa!  Identify the concept of healthy food choices, balance, and moderation Go Slow Whoa! in Action Go Slow Whoa! Twister Parent Newsletter: Strategies to Help Your Child Be Healthy
7 Plants Parts of plant, planting a bean Let’s Plant a Bean Parts of the Plant Relay Game 1. Plant Growth Chart

2. Plants We Eat

3. Parent Newsletter: Seasons

8 Physical Activity  Importance of physical activity, engaging participants in different types of physical activity Let’s Move to the Beat Let’s Roll the Fitness Dice 1. Exercise Dice Template

2. Parent Newsletter: Be Active and Have Fun (English)

Parent Newsletter: Be Active and Have Fun (Spanish)

9 Celebrations  Review materials by engaging participants in all the activities 1. Choose the most engaging nutrition activities

2. MyPlate ElectroBoard

Go Slow Whoa! Twister

Fitness Stations

 1. Have participants complete a Participant Post-Survey

2. Handout Parent Post-Survey (English) to be completed and returned the following week

Parent Post-Survey (Spanish)

10 Post-Week Give out incentives based on the number of stickers that participants have collected

A note about surveys:  We use google forms to input our data from the pre-post surveys as well as the parent survey.  This seems to be the easiest tool to use to populate data and quickly see measurable outcomes in graphic form, but feel free to use whatever data collection software works for you.