FoodShuttle Mobile Nutrition Curricula

IFFS’s Nutrition Department has two Mobile Nutrition Curricula that have been implemented over the recent years.

1. Food Matters

2. Food Truck Nutrition Fun Zone


Food Matters

The Food Matters curriculum pairs nutrition education with IFFS’s emergency food distribution at Mobile Markets in the community.  The Food Matters curriculum has evolved to become more available to Mobile Markets of all sizes.  Here on this blog we have the monthly-themed curriculum, handouts, and recipes available for Mobile Markets to download, print, and distribute on-demand (Note: there is a required, quick tracking survey to complete before you are able to download these documents for use).


Food Truck Nutrition Fun Zone 

Address 5 of the 6 Core Behaviors identified in the NC Obesity Prevention Plan!  This curriculum is great for a mobile pantry, food truck, supplement to a gardening program, or other 8-week opportunity with elementary age kiddos.  The curriculum includes everything from the logic model to post-survey.


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