Peer-Reviewed Professional Education Resources

We all know that keeping up with current research and methods is very important to the evidence-based work we do.  But with so many responsibilities, it can be challenging to stay current on research relevant to the work we do in community nutrition.  Who has time to search through a database of journals to find the best new information out there or brush up on strategies for development of new programs?  It is not unusual for even the Academy journal to pile up on the coffee table for a couple of months before having the time to sift through and determine what is relevant.  Because of this challenge – where time is VERY valuable – we have decided to assemble some current research articles, podcasts, recorded videos, and ppt presentations that will help you stay current!  Personally, we have found that Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior and corresponding journal are one of the best values for the money, so you will see a number of articles and webinars posted that we think could be helpful to our team.  We have great programming that works through Share Our Strength – and as a bonus, when we current on peer-reviewed research, we we have the opportunity to enhance the delivery of programming year after year.

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Journal Articles