Adaptation of “Sugar Overload”

activity photo

This activity is designed to enhance the Share Our Strength “Sugar Overload!” activity to provide a more engaging experience for participants.  It utilizes team work and taps into their prior knowledge by having participants  hypothesize the sugar content in 9 different beverages.  Participants then use the laminated worksheet with vis-a-vis markers & calculators to run the calculations and see what the real numbers are!

On this page you will find the pdf printouts for 9 beverages and food labels as well as the worksheet template for calculating the grams of sugar in each beverage, an instruction sheet, and an supplemental nutrition facts scavenger hunt handout.

In order for you to utilize this activity, we recommend printing out 3 of each beverage in color, 1 full set of food labels, and 10 worksheets.  We laminated ours to ensure durability and ease of use.  Then, just follow the instructions for executing this activity!


Sugary beverages activity instructions

Sugar Calculation Worksheet

Supplemental Sugary Beverage Scavenger hunt Handout – could be used as a weekly challenge activity.



Coca Cola HI-C Drink Juicy Juice

Vitamin Water

Lemonade Minute Maid Mtn Dew Powerade



Water and Lemonade LABEL

Powerade and Vit Water LABEL Mtn Dew and Minute Maid LABEL Juicy Juice Nutrition Facts Coke and Hi-C LABEL




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