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Q&A (to date)

Do the tablets have just the paperwork, or will they also include the CMATS [Facilitator] guide?

  • The tablets are just like any other tablet and contain apps. That said, you could do a scan of your CMATS Facilitator Guide and convert it to a pdf for use with a pdf app for viewing.

Are waivers and enrollment forms electronic for Cooking Matters Classes? Or just the pre-post surveys?

  • The waivers for participants and volunteers are NOT electronic, however, you will not need to send us those after courses. The enrollment form, demographic information (page 1 of the survey) and the survey are all electronic.

Do you have to use tablets for security reasons or can volunteers use their own phones to enter date when they are working with participants?

  • You do not HAVE to use tablets to collect data and volunteers can use their own devices if they wish. The data is uploaded and volunteers are unable to retrieve any personal data if using personal phones, so participant’s data is secure either way.