Ordering Materials and Food Lion Tours


For guidance in scheduling Food Lion tours, please refer to the
NEW Food Lion Holiday Black Out Dates 2017


To order materials for Cooking Matters 6-week courses OR Cooking Matters at the Store (CMATS) tours,  CLICK HERE


To request a Food Lion Grocery Tour,  CLICK HERE

*submit request 6-8 weeks prior to tour* 


Below is an outline of how the approval process will flow:

8 Weeks Out

  • submit requests through the Request Form by the last business day of the month

4 Weeks Out

  • Approval/Disapproval will be received at IFFS by Food Lion Corporate office and coordinators will be notified

2 Weeks Out

  • Contact the Store Manager to notify him/her of your upcoming tour and receipt of corporate approval (they receive this via email but often don’t read corporate communications)
  • Confirm receipt of $10 gifts cards from IFFS if needed

Week of Tour

  • Reminder call to Store Manager regarding upcoming tour

1 Week AFTER Tour

  • Return all paperwork from the tour to IFFS
  • Return unused Gift Cards to IFFS
  • Return receipts for used Gift Cards to IFFS
  • Send thank you note to Store Manager

*Remember to order CMATS materials in addition to CM materials if you are opting to conduct a FULL CMATS tour in place of the 5th week lesson in the signature course series.  This gives you credit and data for 2 courses instead of just one and provides participants with a more comprehensive experience.

SAMPLE TIMELINE – Food Lion Approval for CM courses using CMATS for week 5:

Cooking Matters for Adults is scheduled for:

June 30 – Lesson 1

July 7 – Lesson 2

July 14 – Lesson 3

July 21 – Lesson 4

July 28 – CMATS tour at Food Lion in Raleigh, Store 1669 instead of 5th Week lesson

August 4th Graduation!


Request Course Materials on May 30th here

Request FOOD LION Tour here for July 28th by May 30th Due Date (last day of the month and approx. 8 weeks in advance)


Return paperwork for CM and CMATS to IFFS by August 11th



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