Recruitment & Checklists

In this section you will find additional forms that are not part of the Participant Bundle received with your curricula, but are essential for getting your course off the ground,  keeping you organized and minimizing final paperwork upon completion of the course.

Cooking Matters Timeline:

This timeline is designed to walk you through each step of planning, ordering material for, and reporting your Cooking Matters course.

Cooking Matters Overview:

This one page document provides a quick introduction to the who, what, when, where, and how of Cooking Matters.

Recruitment Resources:

The forms below will assist you with recruiting participants.  If you are working with an Agency Partner or Host Site, it is helpful to assist them with recruitment by providing flyers to advertise the upcoming course.  By providing a sign-up sheet, you will have a better idea of the enrollment numbers, helping you prepare for class.

When you touch base with your host site coordinator two weeks prior to the class, ask a few questions. Find out how many participants are enrolled, have them call and remind  participants about the class dates and time, and provide any important details about logistics.  The host site or agency partner can ask participants to complete the waivers at registration to save time, or you can wait and complete them during the first class. Use the template on the Working with Host Sites page. Offer to help them with recruitment if needed (and possible).

The following documents can be modified to reflect your organization, class dates/time, and curriculum that has been chosen for your course.

Recipe Multiplier: The following document is an optional tool to assist you with planning how much of each ingredient you will need for specific CM recipes.  This can be used for take-home groceries, as well as for recipes made in class.

Checklists: The following documents will help you prepare for class.  The checklists can be edited to suit your needs.

Additional Reporting Forms:


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