STEP 3: Support

In Step 3 you will find links, additional instructions for ordering materials and gift cards, as well as a location to download any additional documents you may be missing or need in order to implement courses or tours.

Click here to access downloadable documents for Cooking Matters and Cooking Matters at the Store

Click here to access the online portal to order a Food Lion/Ingles tour or order curriculum for classes/tours

Looking for a data report that reflects the work you have been doing in the community?  Complete this data request, and we will get right on it!  We will need information such as the time frame (ex: Jan – December, 2017) you are interested in, the courses (ex: Parents classes only or Adults and Kids only), and any other information needed for a grant report or proposal or board report.  We can’t always guarantee we can filter data to provide a specific detailed level of specificity (ex: Wake county vs. City of Raleigh which overlap but don’t cover the same territory), but if we know what you need, we can do our best.  Generated reports arrive back to you in an excel file that includes the demographic information, behavior change analysis, and additional quotes from participants.

Click here if you are interested in the latest initiatives or funding opportunities available to satellite partners.  This is one of the most exciting ways we support satellites – by passing along an occasional RFPs (request for proposal) or collaborative opportunities.