Module 1: The Fundamentals


Through this video, you will gain an understanding of the key components of Cooking Matters and Cooking Matters at the Store that make it so successful.

The goals for this training module include the importance of the learner-centered education model, course guidelines and requirements, Course Gold Standards, and measuring and communicating impact. Together, they provide an outline of expectations for your Cooking Matters programming.

Remember to continually review the following Gold Standards document to be used in planning, training, and supervising volunteers:

Cooking Matters Course Gold Standards – This document serves as a guide for how to create the ideal course experience

Gold Standards for Volunteers – Use this document in conjunction with training, and as a checklist during your weekly ‘huddle’ with volunteers before class

Gold Standards Observation Tool – The observation tool provides a framework to capture what’s going well, and what areas have room for improvement with your volunteer team.  The idea is not for volunteers to feel they are being ‘graded’ but rather provide you, the coordinator, with a template that models the Gold Standards so as to capture all the key components of a 5-star course.

Next Step: Module 2


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