After Class Reporting

Reporting Instructions:

Now that the confetti has settled and graduates have returned home with new skills, it is time to wrap up the course!  Refer to the CM Coordination Timeline 2017 for a visual representation of the final steps of course coordination.

After Classes and Tours have ended please send us the following items, based on the curriculum you are using:

After COURSE  After TOUR
  • Course Reporting Form
  • Attendance Sheet
  • Volunteer Waivers + volunteer addresses
  • Unused Gift cards for the $10 challenge in week 5 (if applicable)
  • Receipts from used gift cards (if applicable)
  • PAPER child surveys and waivers for CMK or children from CMF courses
  • PAPER teen surveys and waivers for CMT

** If you ran a full CMATS tour during week 5 please send the information requested under the TOUR column

  • Tour Reporting Form
  • Volunteer Waivers + volunteer addresses
  • Unused gift cards from the $10 challenge
  • Receipts from used gift cards
  • PAPER CMATS surveys, enrollment forms + waivers


Please DO NOT send us left over curriculum, incentives, or first time volunteer gifts – please keep these on hand for future courses/tours and adjust your next order accordingly.

Complete End of Course Reporting Form:

End of Course Reporting Form

Send all of the following forms to IFFS within one week of completing your course:

 Please note: Forms must be originals, so make copies for your own records if desired. Be sure to securely seal the envelope before mailing.

Mail to:

Inter-Faith Food Shuttle
Community Health Education Department
Suite 120
1001 Blair Drive
Raleigh, NC 27603
You’re done.  Take a deep breath and reflect on what worked well and what you would like to change before the next course.  If ever you feel you  need guidance on handing a tricky volunteer, working with a host site, or anything else related to satellite programming, please feel free to email or call us. We are here to provide targeted support – tell us how we can help!

Community Health Education Supervisor:


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