Working with Host Sites

You may have space within your organization to host Cooking Matters classes, but most Satellite Partners do not.  They rely on Agency Partners within their community to recruit participants and provide a host location that includes a kitchen and adequate preparation space.  There are two different models for this partnership that are most prevalent:

Model 1: Agency Partner and Host Site are the same.

  • For example, a church is the Agency Partner and classes are held at the church (Host Site).

Model 2: Agency Partner and Host Site are different.

  • For example, Agency Partner is a housing authority, with multiple Host Sites (individual housing locations).

The following documents can be modified to include your logo or different content to suit your needs:

  • Host Site Recruitment Letter: Use this letter to reach out to potential host sites in your area.
  • Host Site Recruitment Flyer: Use this flyer, in addition to the letter above, to solicit interest from local organizations that may be well-suited to host Cooking Matters courses.
  • Participant Recruitment Flyer: Share this flyer with the Host Site to help them recruit participants for Cooking Matters courses.
  • Host Site FAQs: This document provides answers to the most common questions asked by potential host sites.
  • Host Site Information Form: The purpose of this form is to provide information about a host site location so adequate preparation can be made and appropriate recipes can be selected based on host site’s available equipment.
  • Host Agency Application: This application is required for all new agencies and organizations that have not previously held a class series.
  • Host Site Collaboration Agreement : An agreement between Satellite Partner and a Host Site, outlining responsibilities for each partner.
  • Gold Standards for Cooking Matters Partner Organizations: Share these standards so Host Sites know what is expected of them. You can also use this document to evaluate Host Sites when conducting observations or yearly check-ins.
  • Host Site Checklist: Be sure everything on this checklist is completed prior to classes starting.
  • Pre-Class Check-in Template: Send this letter or email to your Site Coordinator as a reminder of class details. Keeping open communication will help classes run more smoothly.

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