Survey Administration

Completing surveys with Cooking Matters for Families


This page is divided into 4 main sections:

  • Resources for Paper Surveys
  • Resources for Electronic Surveys
  • Resources for CMF courses
  • Other Helpful Information

Please read through the entire page to become familiar with the structure of resources provided.  Based on the strategy you have identified for your organization, please become familiar with the details of how to administer surveys for the programs you are running.  You can use these resources to train your volunteers and/or additional staff.  Please reach out to us at any time if you have questions –

Let’s Get Started

Surveys are required by Share Our Strength for every individual that participates in a Cooking Matters course. Beginning January 2017, we began the transition over to electronic surveys methods for many of our courses.  This DOES NOT mean you cannot use paper surveys, but it DOES mean that some program surveys will need to be entered into an online system rather than returning paper surveys to us as you have done so in the past.  Effective July 1, 2017 surveys must be submitted via tablets, phones, or entered into the computer based links for courses as noted:

  • CM Kids – remains Paper ONLY
  • CM Teens – remains Paper ONLY
  • Child Care Professionals – Electronic
  • CM Adults – Electronic
  • CM Parents – Electronic
  • Cooking Matters at the Store (including pop up) – REMAINS PAPER ONLY because of SOS sampling requirements
  • CM Families – Electronic for the adult portion only / use paper for KIDS and mail to us


Paper survey resources can still be found here and includes downloadable surveys, tips for administering surveys, and more


All enrollment data and survey pre-post course data the surveys listed in GREEN above will need to be either:

  • entered into tablets directly during first and last class using the Qualtrics app, OR
  • entered into the computer links by a staff member, intern or volunteer after first and last class

NOTE about UNIQUE IDs:  One of the important aspects of the electronic survey method is that each the survey program will automatically create a unique ID for each participant at the time they complete the enrollment form and pre-suvey [see NEW  Course Attendance Tracking Sheet  that has a space for the Unique ID].  In order match their pre-survey to their post-survey, some key information will need to be entered at post-survey exactly as it was entered in class 1.  Therefore, we have developed a 1/2 page double-sided sheet to capture this information and would encourage you to watch the training videos found below to fully understand how and why we need to use this sheet in Families or Adults/Parents classes (regardless of whether you enter data from the paper surveys or administer the surveys electronically in class).  For CMATS tours (for stand-alone tours, or full tours conducted during week 5) Share Our Strength processes a SAMPLING from each tour so please do not conduct electronic surveys – continue using paper and send them to us for processing – this is a change from recent instructions!  

  • We are writing down their initials at check-in so that we can catch participants with the same initials and add a 4th letter “x” to distinguish between participants (Ex: Sally Jo Brown is sjb and Scott John Baldwin is sjbx) – 3 initials is the default for surveys with 4 initials being the exception when there are duplicates
  • Zip code remains the same for pre – post regardless of whether the participant moved or is staying with someone at a different zip code – for homeless population you can use either the host site zip code or shelter zip code, just be consistent between pre – post surveys.
  • Course waiver and media waiver will always be circled YES because we have to have those on file even if they decline to have their photo taken, and we have added it to this form just to provide an extra reminder for ourselves to make sure we have these documents complete – the online link/tablet app does not allow for a “no” response for these.

welcome-families    congrats-families

welcome-parents-adults    congrats-parents-adults

**remember you may wish to work with paper here and enter the data in the links below for ease in navigating the store with a whole group in tow.


On a phone or tablet, open the app store, search for Qualtrics and download (free)

img_3968       img_3969

Open the Qualtrics App and enter the following login and password:


Password:    cmeval15

Available surveys will automatically be listed but you will need to click on each one to download the survey.  As you begin this process they will move from “Not Downloaded” list to the “Downloaded” list – DO NOT DOWNLOAD AND USE THE CMATS SURVEYS – use paper.  You only need to download surveys that you are going to be using;  likewise if you only run CM Parents, then only download the Pre- Post – CM Parents surveys.


Once downloaded, participants can take the Pre survey during class 1 and Post survey during class 6 – BE SURE to refer to the information above regarding UNIQUE IDs before beginning to administer any surveys.


To play around with the app a little you may use the documents below to practice entering courses.  USE THE COURSE CODE 2299999 for this purpose and you can complete a practice survey all the way through, just please DO NOT upload your responses after completing any surveys [blue UPLOAD button].

CMA Sample w/ enrollment, waiver and surveys

Congrats/Welcome Unique ID sheet

CMF Sample w/ enrollment, waiver, surveys

Congrats/Welcome Unique ID sheet

CMP Sample w/ enrollment, waiver, surveys

Congrats/Welcome Unique ID sheet


Use the samples above to practice entering information into the appropriate link below.  In OUR OPINION, using the computer links is much easier to see, navigate, and use for completing the surveys so you may want to explore both the app option and the computer link and determine which option is best for you.  Once again, you can use the course code 2299999 to play around with these links.

CM Adults / CM Parents:

  • Pre-Survey: (includes enrollment form questions)
  • Post-Survey:

CM Families (includes adults enrollment and survey + child enrollment only)

  • Pre-Survey:
  • Post-Survey:
  • Pre-Survey Extra Child: (includes enrollment form only)
  • Post-Survey Extra Child:  (includes enrollment and attendance questions only)

CM Child Care Professionals

  • Pre-Survey:
  • Post-Survey:


To enter CM Families Adult and Child Enrollment Forms, waiver, and Adult Surveys, you can use the app and elect the CMF Pre – and Post – surveys

To enter CM Families Adult and Child Enrollment Forms, waiver, and Adult Surveys, you can use the links below to enter your data via computer or if transcribing data from a paper survey:

  • Pre-Survey:
  • Post-Survey:
  • Pre-Survey Extra Child: (includes enrollment form only)
  • Post-Survey Extra Child: (includes enrollment and attendance questions only)

Remember to administer the paper child survey for each child present, and send us the paper child survey(s) with the final paperwork after the course has ended.


After Classes and Tours have ended please send us the following items, based on the curriculum you are using:

After COURSE  After TOUR
  •  Course Reporting Form
  • Attendance Sheet
  • Volunteer Waivers + volunteer addresses
  • Unused Gift cards for the $10 challenge in week 5 (if applicable)
  • Receipts from used gift cards (if applicable)
  • PAPER child surveys and waivers for CMK or children from CMF courses
  • PAPER teen surveys and waivers for CMT

** If you ran a full CMATS tour during week 5 please send the information requested under the TOUR column

  •  Tour Reporting Form
  • Volunteer Waivers + volunteer addresses
  • Unused gift cards from the $10 challenge
  • Receipts from used gift cards
  • PAPER CMATS surveys, enrollment forms + waivers


Please DO NOT send us left over curriculum, incentives, or first time volunteer gifts – please keep these on hand for future courses/tours and adjust your next order accordingly.

Additional Resources:

Tablet Care Guide

Survey Administration Guide – this document also contains the web links needed to manually enter enrollment and survey data



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