Scheduling a Course

Ready to schedule a Cooking Matters Course?  Click this link for Satellite Course Ordering Form to begin planning your next course.

What you will need to know before beginning:

  • Agency name
  • Host site name and address
  • Type of course
  • Coordinator’s name & email
  • Dates & time

PLEASE plan ahead and allow 4 weeks for materials to arrive.  We have a limited number of supplies on hand for emergencies, so planning ahead is critical to the organization and success of your course.

5th Week Grocery Tour:

Are you planning on running a full Cooking Matters at the Store (CMATS) tour in place of the Adults 5th week curriculum?  If so, please order materials for CMATS also when placing your order for CM Adults materials.  If you are using a Food Lion store to host your tour, please also request corporate tour approval 6-8 weeks in advance of your tour here.


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