Cooking Matters Training (CM)

Welcome to Cooking Matters satellite partner training! The four modules below will prepare you to plan and coordinate  successful courses, manage volunteers, and facilitate relationships with host sites. Please view the modules and complete the brief quiz after each video. After completing all four modules, please contact the Cooking Matters Satellite Coordinator about next steps in setting up your partnership.

CM Coordination Timeline 2017 (with Hyperlinks!)

2016 Cooking Matters Implementation Guidelines

Module 1: The Fundamentals – learn about the educational approach to the Share Our Strength curriculum.

Module 2:  Course Coordination:  Before Class – learn about scheduling a course, recruitment, and working with host sites.

Module 3: Volunteer Coordination – Module 3 contains additional ‘how to’ videos that dive deep into the curriculum to provide a specific guide for implementing each type of course.  In each curricula module, you will find suggestions for implementing the lesson, talking points, challenges, and alternative activity ideas.  How To videos are available for CM Adults, CM Kids, CM Teens, CM Families, CM ParentsCM Child Care Professionals.

Module 4: Course Coordination: During & After Class – learn about survey administration, the Coordinators role during class, the teaching team’s role, and graduation. Graduation and Survey Administration have additional details located on their own pages (click hyperlinks).

NEW! Tricky Questions Practice Set – Practice potential questions asked by Cooking Matters participants to prepare for your upcoming course.


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