Step 1.

If you don’t have a copy of the facilitator guide yet, you can use the Planning Guides as visuals during the presentation.  Please note, as this training was created for a general audience there is some information that is not specific to Cooking Matters at the Store in North Carolina.  For example, while you are welcome to use Share Our Strength contacts as resources, Inter-Faith Food Shuttle will be your primary Cooking Matters at the Store contact.  Similarly, all material orders will be placed through Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, and participant surveys should be mailed to Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, not Share Our Strength.  The Food Shuttle has provided all of the material ordering and reporting instructions to our local partners.

Review these training resources

Step 2.

Watch this general introduction video put together by Share Our Strength about Cooking Matters at the Store – Click Here

Step 3. 

Complete the following training videos.  These are broken into separate modules in order to give you breaks as you learn about the program and curriculum.

CMATS WIC Module 1 – Program Overview

In this module you will get a feel for the overall goals for Cooking Matters at the Store

PDF of WIC Module 1 to print and use for note-taking

 CMATS WIC Module 2 – Learner Centered Model 

This module will discuss the educational model that will be used in CMATS  and Cooking Matters courses

PDF of WIC Module 2 to print and use for note-taking

Step 4. 

Complete the following training videos, specific to the CMATS for WIC Parents curriculum.  These are broken into separate modules in order to give you breaks as you learn about the program and curriculum.

Use this CMATS Coordination Timeline as a handy reference document to help you plan and implement your tour. The document contains hyperlinks to the key forms that you will need.

CMATS WIC Module 3 – Tour Overview 

This module will give you a brief introduction of how the tour works

PDF of WIC Module 3 to print and use for note-taking

CMATS WIC Module 4 – Let’s Take a Tour 

This module will discuss what needs to be included before, during, and after the tour.  This includes the main objectives to be covered during the tour.

PDF of WIC Module 4 to print and use for note-taking

CMATS WIC Module 5 – Measuring & Evaluating Impact 

In this module, you will wrap up your understanding of a Cooking Matters at the Store tour

PDF of WIC Module 5 to print and use for note-taking

Step 5.

Observe a Cooking Matters at the Store tour, if possible.

If you have signed up to volunteer with an upcoming CMATS event, there will be scheduled days to observe a CMATS tour.  Contact our Satellite Programs Coordinator (below) to find out more about upcoming tours in your area.

Step 6.

Study your facilitator guide.

Finally, you will need to study your facilitator guide.  The facilitator guide is an invaluable resource, so we suggest becoming very familiar with its content well before conducting your first tour.  If you do not yet have a facilitator guide, you can place an order with IFFS.

Step 7.

Complete the brief Facilitator Intake Survey.  This survey will take two to five minutes to complete.

Proceed to CMATS Planning and Implementation for more resources on planning your first tour!

CMATS Tricky Questions Set – Practice potential questions asked by Cooking Matters at the Store participants to prepare for your upcoming tour.

View Step 3:  Downloadable Forms and Templates regarding tour reporting requirements as well as E-survey training found here


You are now registered and trained as a Cooking Matters at the Store Tour Facilitator.  Your contact information has been added to our database.  If you have any additional questions about Cooking Matters at the Store, please email