The Pop-Up Tour is popup2a unique way of leading a Cooking Matters at the Store (CMATS) tour outside of a grocery store.  The tour allows participants to learn how to shop for healthy food on a budget in a workshop, as opposed to in a store.

Satellites that are currently running CMATS and have a pop up bin can use these video resources for ADDITIONAL training for volunteers but these videos do not replace the CMATS online training found here.

Module 1 – Basic Information and Setting Up

Module 2 – Facilitated Dialogue

Module 3 – Produce:  Fruits & Vegetables [fresh, frozen, canned]

Module 4 – Protein

Module 5– Dairy

Module 6 – Grains

Module 7 – Putting It All Together

Module 8 – MyPlate Challenge

Cooking Matters at the Store Pop Up Tour Resource Guide: Instructions, Logistics, Talking Points, and Activities

Pop Up Tour Resources & Prop Checklist

Station Model Volunteer Handouts

View Step 3:  Downloadable Forms and Templates regarding tour reporting requirements