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CNP kids + chef at blender

Teen course with our Satellite Partner Community Nutrition Partnership in Chapel Hill

Welcome to the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle satellite programming option for Share Our Strength’s Cooking Matters and Cooking Matters at the Store programming! We are so glad you have stumbled upon Share Our Strength’s suite of evidence-based nutrition education programs.  We know that you have a lot of questions, so we will guide you through an exploration of the satellite partnership model and provide you with a number of resources, designed to assist you with determining if a satellite partnership is the right fit for your organization and client base.  SO – let’s get started!

FIRST, Review the Satellite Partnership Model Fast Facts to gain visual understanding of our role, and where your organization fits into this model.  Additionally, after previewing the Satellite Partnership Model video, complete the self-assessment for your agency to determine if you are ready to further explore a possible partnership.  Before moving on to the next video, review the responsibilities of the satellite contact, as every satellite partner must designate a permanent staff person within their organization who will serve as a liaison with us, and take responsibility for implementing programming, training volunteers, and training new staff as needed:

NEXT, Review our External Organizational Considerations video to determine if the resources and support we have available is the right fit for our organization.  Learn more about the theoretical framework in the Research Support for Share Our Strength Program’s Educational Approach.

Curious what our current and former satellite partners are up to?  View media coverage of Satellite Partners:

Communities in Schools of Chatham County

Second Harvest Food Bank Southeast NC Satellite Partnership

Health Promotion, Disease Prevention at UNC Satellite Partnership

emogiLoving it so far?!  Great – we’d love to talk with you further so please reach out to our coordinator, Elizabeth Weeks at for next steps.


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