New app – YouAte – track it with photos!

Food & Nutrition magazine reviewed a new app, that I think could be helpful with our Cooking Matters participants.  It is called YouAte and was launched on the Apple platform in April 2017.  It allows you to set goals (eat more protein, eat less sugar) and then create a photo timeline of your food consumption by taking a photo each time you sit down to eat (or eat on the go!).  With each photo you take, you make the decision if the meal is “on track” or is it “off track” – which is the part we love.  Introduce this app in lesson 1 and take a minute each week to share timelines – challenges, successes, and opportunities for improvement.  Participants can also share these timelines with their physician or dietitian.


New CM Research

The Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior published a research article in the May 2017 edition that addresses validity and reliability of the survey used for Cooking Matters 6-week courses.  A little fun fact – the survey was adapted from EFNEP’s program, and the point of the article is to make sure that the survey being used is reliable and valid for your (new) curriculum before adopting it.

They addressed one of my concerns, and tested the CM survey in the traditional pre- post- format as well as a retrospective format (both during week 6).  I don’t want to give away the punch line – so check it out under peer reviewed articles on the blog!

Foodfully App – It’s new!

FoodFully AppThis is a great app you can share with participants to help them stay on track, avoid food waste, and know what to make with the items they have on hand.

It takes minutes to set up, then you can scan receipts to add items to the “fridge” or connect your discount cards for grocery retailers and it will automatically link purchases.  It tells you how much time is left before your “fridge” items expire, based on the criteria you set (expiration date, 1-3 days after, etc.).

If you aren’t sure what to make, click on the “stove” for recipe ideas using the ingredients in your “fridge.”  We love this new app.  Not sure if it is available in Android, but the Apple app store has it and it’s FREE.

Recipe Videos


The nutrition team has been busy adding recipe videos for many of our popular recipes from Cooking Matters and Food Matters curricula.  You are welcome to use them with volunteers, or with participants – however you see fit.  These videos are also posted weekly on Facebook and Instagram for Wellness Wednesdays.

Visit the blog under Resources > Recipe Videos

Bon appetit!

Vitamin, Mineral and other Micronutrient Informational Cards

LOOK what we found!

Looking for an easy to understand resource to share with CM participants regarding vitamin, mineral or other micronutrient intakes?  We stumbled upon these Linus Pauling Institute “flashcards” that do the trick!  We laminated them and put them onto rings that can be easily carried to Cooking Matters classes.  They are added to our blog under  WEB RESOURCES  (Resources > Non-SOS Resources > Web Resources).

Generating Budget Friendly Recipes

Thinking about creating your own recipes for a nutrition education intervention?  or just want to get started with your own food blog?  We have created a webinar designed to share what we have learned about preparing budget friendly recipes for low income participants at risk of hunger.  Take a Look!  #foodshuttleteaches


Myplate, MyState

MyPlate, MyState is a tool to use with participants to help them personScreen Shot 2016-08-10 at 9.35.47 AMalize their plate with local flavors foods, and recipes.  It also ties in well with the curriculum messages found in CM/CMATS around seasonality of food and budgeting.

New Resources

Hello and Happy Friday! – we have updated our Resources section to include May, June and July 2016 articles from the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior here as well as added a new section here titled Book Resources to capture all of the textbooks or trade books we love or use as resources.