Meet our Spring Cooking Matters Interns!

These ladies did it all – from coordinating Cooking Matters classes, to leading Cooking Matters at the Store grocery tours and pop-up tours, and everything that goes on behind the scenes.  Meet the Cooking Matters Intern team we had the pleasure of working with this spring!

Arden photo

Inter-Faith Food Shuttle’s Cooking Matters class at Elon High School. (Photo by Sara D. Davis for Inter-Faith Food Shuttle)

Arden Mattachini

School: North Carolina State University

Major: Applied Nutrition Science

Internship term: January – May 2016

Why I chose to intern with IFFS: I absolutely love working to end food insecurity through nutrition education. Nourishing our bodies is something we do every single day, so it’s important that we are knowledgeable of it!

Most rewarding moment of my internship: Being a part of the largest IFFS Cooking Matters class was such an honor.  Being part of the 36 participants’ new experiences was memorable for me.

Most fun/favorite moment of my internship: I had a blast working with the Durham Nativity Kids class.  Some of the participants asked the instructors to fail them so they could take the course again! I love it!

Fun fact: I paint and sell artwork in my free time. Art is both enjoyable for me and a stress-reliever!


Caroline Whitehurst

School: Meredith College

Graduate program: Nutrition Sciences

Internship term: January – May 2016

I am in my first year of graduate school at Meredith College for Nutrition Sciences.  I started interning with IFFS in January of this year.  I chose to intern with IFFS because I wanted to gain more experience with community nutrition and because I wanted to use my passion for nutrition to make an impact in my community.  My goal is to be a Registered Dietitian, so this internship is helping me prepare for that.  The most rewarding moment so far was when students in a Cooking Matters for Kids class asked if they could fail the class, so they could take it again.  Not only did the students want to learn more, but they also enjoyed spending time with us.  That meant so much to me because it showed that we were making a positive impact on their lives.  The most fun moment I had was during graduation in a Cooking Matters for Teens class.  Throughout the course, many of the students seemed disinterested in learning about nutrition but on the last day, they were so proud to say that they had graduated, and it was so fun to see them that happy.  A fun fact about me:  I am related to Peyton Manning (my claim to fame, even if it’s way down the line and he doesn’t know who I am).


Chaney Dedmon

School: NC State

Major: Nutrition Sciences

Internship term: January – May 2016

Why I chose to intern with IFFS: I wanted to gain experience with Raleigh’s community nutrition education efforts

Most rewarding moment of my internship: I was a classroom assistant for a Cooking Matters for Kids class, and honestly loved every minute I spent doing that. It was really rewarding to see them learn so much about nutrition through the teams efforts.

Most fun/favorite moment of my internship: Helping with my Cooking Matters for Kids class always put me in the best mood, those kids were so awesome!

Fun fact: I love the beach and offshore fishing!!

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Grace Jordan

School:  NC State University

Major:  Nutrition Science – Applied Nutrition

Internship term:  January – May 2016

Why I chose to intern with IFFS:  I wanted to intern with Inter-Faith because I was very interested in community nutrition and wanted to learn more about it and increase my experience.  I also think that Inter-Faith is an organization that does a lot for the community and was somewhere that I felt I could go and help make a difference.

Most rewarding moment of my internship:  It is always very rewarding when I am in a Cooking Matters Class teaching and the kids actually retain the information that we are teaching them about food and nutrition, it really makes me feel like I am having some kind of impact and expanding the kid’s knowledge of nutrition.

Most fun/favorite moment of my internship:  I have had a lot of fun teaching the Cooking Matters classes.  They have definitely been challenging but have also been a lot of fun.

Fun fact: I am the president of the rowing club at NC State.


Meredith Kreeger

School: NC State University

Major: Nutrition Science

Minor: Genetics

Internship term: January – May 2016

I’m a senior at NC State majoring in Nutrition Science with a Genetics minor and pursuing a Masters in Genetic Counseling shortly after graduation in May 2016.  I’ve been interning since January 2016, and while I’m not pursuing a Nutrition-related career, I have really enjoyed working with the kids and seeing how much they learn about nutrition and healthful eating in each class.  My favorite and most rewarding moment was leading a pop-up tour during a CMK class.  The kids were recalling information they had learned in the weeks prior, and it was great to know they were getting something out of the class.  I also enjoyed assisting CMATS tours.  One fun fact about me is that I co-parent two ferrets with my roommate.


Miranda Ray

School: North Carolina State University

Major: Applied Nutrition Science

Internship term: January – May 2016

I’m Miranda.  I am majoring in Nutrition Science at NC State.  I have been interning with IFFS since January.  I choose to intern with IFFS to gain experience teaching nutrition to others.  The most rewarding moment I have experienced so far is seeing my first Cooking Matters class graduate and the excitement of the kids as they got their diplomas!  The most fun moment I have had was playing food riddles outside with the students and them racing to say the answer.  It was so nice to see kids excited about their fruit and vegetables! A fun fact about myself is that I love smoothies and I have one literally every day for breakfast!

For more information about our Nutrition Internship Program, please contact Elizabeth Weeks at   Internship opportunities will also be posted here on our website as they become available. 


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