Apps for Clients

IMG_1366I recently discovered the Honey app – available on iTunes – at FNCE 2015.  As we know, and research supports, many of our low-income participants do have smart phones.  They are more likely to be on an android platform, rather than have an iphone, but in the event they are on Apple, Honey is a great app to share with them.  What I love about Honey is that it provides an upbeat, user friendly design with simple navigation to provide reliable nutrition information from Registered Dietitians.  While we would love for our participants to take advantage of nutrition services provided by the health department or clinics, the reality is that there may be barriers such as transportation or minimum co-pay.  This app contains posts from RDs on specific topics of interest or by condition.

IMG_1365 2Don’t forget to share the Cooking Matters app with clients as well!  Available in both android and apple platforms, it provides the recipes participants love right on their phone.  I use it when at the grocery store to refresh my memory on ingredients and quantities for recipes I love!  Participants can save their favorite recipes as you go through the 6 week class & encourage them to try using the app as part of their weekly challenge.


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