Local coverage of Cooking Matters for Families

Connecting School Pantries to Cooking Matters

It is always exciting to see an interest from the media in our programs.  Lori Wiggins, the Correspondent for Midtown Muse has been a great supporter, locally, and recently covered our Cooking Matters for Families class at Enloe High School.

The Midtown Muse covers Cooking Matters for Families

This particular class was conducted as a pilot to determine if we can increase utilization of a school pantry by combining a CMF class with take home groceries from the pantry.  Our Share our Strength AmeriCorps Member, Abbey Riesett coordinated the pilot and remained unflappable throughout the 6 week course.  On the day of the first class, Abbey learned that there would be 34 participants (!!!).  Fortunately, the host site space included a home economics classroom with 5 kitchenettes for the culinary portion of each lesson.  Utilization of the cafeteria across the hall allowed us to work through the logistics of having such a large group move through the content of each lesson.  Only time will tell if our strategy will be successful long term.  We will continue to partner with Enloe High School for a fall CMF class and keep the momentum going.


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